Open Trip Mount Batur Bali

The Mount Batur open trip might be an alternative for those of you who want to get a cheaper climbing price. Especially if you are on holiday in Bali alone, the tour price you will pay may be a bit expensive. On average, Mount Batur climbing tour providers will set prices with a minimum order for two participants. The reason is that the costs they pay for 1 or 2 people are almost the same.

In the past, it was true that several tours provided open-trip packages or shared tours for this activity. During the walking tour, you can meet new friends who come from other cities in Indonesia, and some even come from abroad. You will share a Mount Batur guide with 4 to 5 other people. In addition, if the tour includes a delivery service, you will join them in one air-conditioned car.

For some people, meeting new things and friends is certainly something interesting. But what happened to the open-trip package option in the current pandemic situation? Of course, it is very difficult for Mount Batur climbing service providers to organize and provide this option now. But what if you still want to look for a climbing service that provides Mount Batur trekking trip options with a group or sharing system? There’s no harm in trying to contact several Mount Batur tour guides first to ask about availability!

Climber of Mount Batur

From year to year, the climb to Mount Batur is always busy. Even in this pandemic condition, there are still at least 30 to 50 people a day. These climbers came from various countries on the European continent, such as Germany, England, France, Russia, and Switzerland. Many from the American continent also come from the United States and Canada. Apart from that, quite a lot of tourists from the continents of Asia and Australia also like this climb.

Well, recently, many domestic tourists have started to like climbing activities while they are on holiday in Bali. Mount Batur is the most popular mountain. Because the climbing track is quite easy, they can complete the climb without obstacles. Most of them come from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Pontianak, and several other cities in Indonesia.

So, this is the Mount Batur trekking price package that is most popular with domestic tourists: Mount Batur Trekking Package Includes Breakfast at the Top of the Mountain

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mount Batur Bali Open Trip

Each type of tour package option in Bali certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, this open-trip option, apart from having the advantage of being cheaper, cannot be denied, but there are weaknesses or drawbacks. What are they? Check it out below:

Advantages of Open-Trip Trekking Mount Batur

  1. The price you will get will be slightly or even much cheaper compared to a private tour.
  2. You can meet new friends from other cities and other countries during the tour.
  3. If you are still single, it is possible that you can find your soul mate here.

Disadvantages of Open-Trip Services

  1. If the tour includes pick-up and drop-off, then you will accompany and pick up other participants at their place of stay. This also means that your time in the vehicle will be much longer than if you choose a private tour.
  2. You can’t make your own choices. Here, the climb will be adjusted according to agreement within the group. If one of the participants is not strong enough to continue to the top, then maybe you should just stay until the middle of the mountain.
  3. It could also be the other way around; if you are not strong or give up during the trip, other participants might leave you in certain places. Then they continue climbing with the guide, and you will meet them after they come back down.

Price for climbing Mount Batur with an open-trip system

The price for climbing Mount Batur is quite cheap compared to the price for climbing other mountains in Bali. For packages that include pick-up and drop-off services, the price ranges from Rp. 185,000 to Rp. 975,000 per person. This price depends on the number of participants and the distance of your hotel from Mount Batur. If you climb with 2 to 5 friends, the price will be much cheaper than just two or three of you.

So, what if it’s just the two of you or alone? How much do you have to pay if you choose an open tour? Usually, we will adjust the price according to how many people we can gather on the same day. Of course, the more participants or people who can join, the cheaper the price will be.

Amid this pandemic season, it is indeed a little more difficult for us to arrange for you to join or share with other guests. However, in the same week, we may also have participants with the same interests. To inquire about the availability of this open trip, you can contact us via:

WhatsApp: 081933165404

Telephone: +6287861984833


Mount Batur Bali’s open trip could be the right choice if you are looking for services at a cheaper price. However, you also need to consider all the consequences that you will get, even though the price is cheap. Previously, for a better experience, we always recommended that you choose private services, even though they were a little more expensive.

If you have plans to climb Mount Batur shortly, you can think about using the Mount Batur guide services that we provide. All our guides and drivers are experienced in this field and have been with us for at least 5 years.

In fact, in total, there are probably more than hundreds of tour service providers to climb Mount Batur. The package options and prices offered are also different. However, when compared with competitors, we have many advantages and stand out more than other tours. We are residents who were born and raised in the Mount Batur area, so we can be one of the tour providers that you can add to your list of choices.